Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mission Accomplished:TwiArt Exclusive

We all have seen this kind of photo especially in National Geography or in movies with great cam and editing skills. It’s my dream photo, definitely and now I did it! These photos are taken on an overhead bridge over the LDP highway. I cycled to there with table tripod and digital camera in my pocket at night. Then, I settled at the middle of the bridge. That place is kind of creepy and I was scared of being robbed by thugs or some kind of freak. After everything was set up, including the best composition, then the shooting was ready to rollllll.My first shot was suck, then I tried to figure out what I can do about it. So, I changed my camera mode to MANUAL, then set the shutter speed between NR 4” – NR 7”, followed by APERTURE F 5.6 or F 8.0. I recommend not to use flash, and should keep the ISO AUTO, or else it might increase the noise! [Maybe only for my cam ^^] .After about an hour of photographing, all my precious photos have tucked in my memory card, then ready to get back home. Before that, I met two Indonesia’s workers, I chatted with them and took photo for them,to see them click here ,there were so happy, I glad that I have brought short-life happiness for them….finally, I hope you ‘ll like my photos, after all I am a ‘newbie’ of all this stuff,ermm..maybe since this year started, ok, see ya. =) [note:those photos are not edited]

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

twiART- Page#03

Monday, August 15, 2005

twiART- PAGE # 2


yeah ,finally i have received my parcel which contains 20 ubuntu cds from holland,it's so amazing and exciting to get stuffs from far far away malaysia,and it's absolutely FREE! i will switch from window to linux when i got my own com or laptop in the end of this,wish me luck.But however i must thank to digg-the best.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

this is TWIART-PAGE#O5

Today, you have come to my TWIART-PAGE#05, and allow me to share with you my philosophy of photographing after all this time.
Why I like to photographing? The answer is simple, that is because I like 'noticing the details that no one else does'!!!Usually,when people are moving out there, they just look forward and simply look around. They only noticing the ‘BIG THINGS’while the’SMALL THINGS’they don’t bother about it, maybe is none of their business, however that is something natural because they are normal.
But I am different! I like noticing the ‘SMALL THINGS’~! OKAY, let me give you a brief concept of ‘SMALL THINGS’ & ‘BIG THINGS’. Let’s say a big building is the big thing which is built up from amazing architecture. Then ,to notice the ‘SMALL THINGS’, it’s like zoom in, capture it and analyze them, such as the cracks on the building, how the architecture meet up !you can say every single details of the building[sometime, I even want to mesmerize how are the small things made up, their coordination, their placing..!]Maybe you think I got nothing else better to do, then …….^^
But one thing is, I am not sure whether this ‘noticing the details that no one else does’is a good thing to do, because that is driving me nuts! When I can not catch up with the time to do that, I get so frustrated and desperated and nervous, then suddenly my mind goes blank, don’t know which one I should observe!
Furthermore, people think I am crazy, when I have to stand in a place for quite a long period to remark my surrounding, and when I feel like everyone eyes stick on me, that moment gives me kind of weird feeling.However, I feel great when I get to know them, I feel like I am in a new world, apart from this reality world! Then, I only realize all this years, I have missed out a lot of things which are around me all the time!! Then, finally this brought me to photographing, so as to take my time to enjoy the beautiful combination between the ‘SMALL THINGS’ and ‘BIG THINGS’!
Now, I feel so alive, I feel great; I really don’t want to die tomorrow!!! :)
Now, i present for you all my TWIART-PAGE #05, and again please leave a comment [if can, pls tell me about what you think of your photographing].THANK YOU.SEE YA AGAIN IN MY BLOG.FOr THOSE WHO THINK I AM CRAZY, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME…..BYE.

Friday, August 12, 2005

THE WORLD'S CHANGING.....~~~hazy day..

Human beings are improving almost everyday. Many great inventions are coming out to this mother earth from several companies almost everyday, and people like us are trying to coordinate ourselves with these changes almost everyday. We all have no doubt about that.
However ,i still have to say that human beings are fragile, and here is the brief explanation.
[NOTE: the word ‘invention ‘in this article is a meaning of politics system,capitalism,follow by citizens’ philosophy, technology… -something new to be born].
Ok,from the beginning of an invention, a lot of facts such as the ‘cost of invention’ must be ignored in order to get improve, and this fact can leads to deadly problems, I afraid this fact may be ignored all the time!.Therefore, bugs or flaw has been left behind. and aftermath, those people are eagerly to fix up the bugs, so that people like us will never realize it.e.g government uses plausible tactics on us so as to make us feel like everything is just going fine, they can offer commission for workers annually and workers will think ‘‘MAN! I JUST LOVE GOVERNMENT, OH MY GOD!’’.What else the government can’t do?
But keep it in mind, if one day ,once people are able to distinguish something is wrong and must get it straight, then, as a result, all kinds of ‘bloody’incident,terrorism,nasionalism will occur!
Iraq war is the best example. Plenty of explanation to show that the government is doing the right thing being published in articles, newspapers, magazines and indiscernible speech, holy smoke! I think all of this are just crap,but who cares, we still want to read and listen because we know nothing about it, and guess what, we will never know the root of the truth, who knows, the master do. Then, we are only able walking on the street protest and demonstrate to government. Sometime, I wonder, this is less likely way to do something for your country, is the government really bothers about us, or just send riot polices to stop us??!
See for yourselves, what is happening today in this planet!WARS,POVERTY(pix),DISEASE,TERRORISM,INHUMANITY,AIR POLLUTION(pix),MOBBING, what else will happen tomorrow, who knows, the god know…….???????*sigh* --------leave a comment to add something on,thx :)

[click to finest image:] quote:We work & study,we earn money,just started to enjoy our life,and now we have to suffer this?what on the hell is this??!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

this week in Art [twiART]----PAGE#1

I have launched a photograph exhibition on my weblog called -THE WYSIWYG IS ART aka TWIART.I will post any picture i capture once in a while by cycling around.I think i have got a new hobby that is photographing!that is so much fun of it,because it is just like you are in the other side of this world!Moreover ,also make sure that i am not in a dream!thank you.This is the PAGE#1......