Friday, August 12, 2005

THE WORLD'S CHANGING.....~~~hazy day..

Human beings are improving almost everyday. Many great inventions are coming out to this mother earth from several companies almost everyday, and people like us are trying to coordinate ourselves with these changes almost everyday. We all have no doubt about that.
However ,i still have to say that human beings are fragile, and here is the brief explanation.
[NOTE: the word ‘invention ‘in this article is a meaning of politics system,capitalism,follow by citizens’ philosophy, technology… -something new to be born].
Ok,from the beginning of an invention, a lot of facts such as the ‘cost of invention’ must be ignored in order to get improve, and this fact can leads to deadly problems, I afraid this fact may be ignored all the time!.Therefore, bugs or flaw has been left behind. and aftermath, those people are eagerly to fix up the bugs, so that people like us will never realize it.e.g government uses plausible tactics on us so as to make us feel like everything is just going fine, they can offer commission for workers annually and workers will think ‘‘MAN! I JUST LOVE GOVERNMENT, OH MY GOD!’’.What else the government can’t do?
But keep it in mind, if one day ,once people are able to distinguish something is wrong and must get it straight, then, as a result, all kinds of ‘bloody’incident,terrorism,nasionalism will occur!
Iraq war is the best example. Plenty of explanation to show that the government is doing the right thing being published in articles, newspapers, magazines and indiscernible speech, holy smoke! I think all of this are just crap,but who cares, we still want to read and listen because we know nothing about it, and guess what, we will never know the root of the truth, who knows, the master do. Then, we are only able walking on the street protest and demonstrate to government. Sometime, I wonder, this is less likely way to do something for your country, is the government really bothers about us, or just send riot polices to stop us??!
See for yourselves, what is happening today in this planet!WARS,POVERTY(pix),DISEASE,TERRORISM,INHUMANITY,AIR POLLUTION(pix),MOBBING, what else will happen tomorrow, who knows, the god know…….???????*sigh* --------leave a comment to add something on,thx :)

[click to finest image:] quote:We work & study,we earn money,just started to enjoy our life,and now we have to suffer this?what on the hell is this??!!


Blogger loong said...

hmm...I will leave a comment but I will not criticise you, coz I have the same opinion as you and will support you always. In this world, there are too many least our country not too bad...we cannot know everything..but sometimes it is better not to know the truth..
btw, that's a great pic from ur balcony.......

Fri Aug 12, 10:10:00 PM 2005  
Blogger carey said...

Hey, thanks for the comment & I like your blog too. Your pictures are gorgeous and your commentary is thought provoking - keep it up :)

Sat Aug 13, 11:32:00 AM 2005  
Blogger carrie said...

your blog is pretty cool.

Mon Aug 15, 06:47:00 AM 2005  

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