Friday, September 30, 2005

Undocking An Optical Mouse

Yesterday, when I was searching for my UBUNTU CDs in the store,
I saw a abandoned optical mouse at a corner.Suddenly,
I was aroused by the curiosity of knowing how the mouse is up to.
So,I have up my study once again =},and get a spec screw driver
which is small enough to screw it out. After the unpacking
process about 5 minutes, I was so excited,
I have found something great of the significant works
from the mainstream company. It was a pretty amazing research
of an electronic and it was my first attempt of doing it after all.
(click the image to full view if you never seen it before)

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yesterday night, my friends and I went to the Astana Budaya(pic)to watch STOMP’s live show.STOMP is simply defined as energetic,creative,spontaneous and teamwork percussion.the live show was held in looks alike opera theatre(pic).

The 8 STOMP crews precisely made the ‘sweet noise’ with dustbin,matchbox,pipe,lighter,newspaper,sweeper,plastic,basketball,
and others you can find at your path !Amazingly, the so-called music just worked ! And only one word to describe their performance that is UNBELIEVABLE. About 2 hours later, the show ended up with a song from grunge legend, without doubt, that is KURT COBAIN-‘Smell like teen spirit’! The stomp’s crews said goodbye to us and we were off.heck, it’s awesome!!!
(sorry, I didn’t snap picture during the performance because it’s prohibited, I did try but was flashed by security torchlight ^^)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Amazing LED display from Toyota ! (VIDEO)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

TodaY's TwiarT :Do Not Believe Of What You See

Monday, September 12, 2005

in a scene of home renovation

Last week, I heard some destructive noise below my 12th floor, I gave up my study and went down .I saw 2 foreign workers and I asked them what they’re doing ,in stupid Malay tone, of course, to make them feel like I am no harm to them. They are from CRUSH .INC; they told me they’re renovating a house to a disco, not sure. At the first shot, I knew it’ll gonna be great, so I asked them to bring me there, it’s at the 3rd floor.
Once I stepped inside the home renovation scene”oh my shit!”I couldn’t believe for what I’m seeing, there was really mess up ,all the broken concrete scattered everywhere, it’s like just been bombed! the kitchen was totally crushed down to expand the disco spaces, dust in the air,damn!it’s kind of scene that I’ve never seen before, it’s like I’m in a holy war, man!
As usual, I rushed back like a screaming little kid because too excited to my house, get ready my camera tools,then brought it down there and snapped the bloody pictures as many as I could. As you can see from the pictures, the foreign workers are moderate , but most importantly I feel comfortable with them. I chatted with one of the workers, he told me about his ‘crushing down building’ experience and knowledge at the balcony, that’s absolutely awesome!!
Then, I sat at a corner, watched them doing their job, while talking crap with them.Suddenly,the owner of the house stepped in, the happy atmosphere broke down within seconds, and he looked at me from bottom to top,dammit,what a feeling, so I guess I better be going. ......

Saturday, September 10, 2005

the traditional of education system

Hello, eager young mind over there. Guess what, now I am having my biology exam in school, and I am not gonna do well this time, because I can’t think of any reason why I am here.I have asked somebody before the exam: why are you taking this coming exam so seriously? And he told me with a little bit of warning expression, he said that if you don’t do well and get good results, you will definitely regret and won’t feel good in your future then I asked him what makes him to say that, he said his parents told him so,ok fine with me, then I asked somebody else again, why do you study? some said ‘I don’t know, just study lah,aiya don’t care lah’,some said,to become a doctor, help people to make a living, which is also means earn big cash, some tended to be ignorant and no response.Nowadays, education system is just suck. the government let’s us to learn what they what us to learn, and it is totally true somebody said before “we are the products of education system”(no wonder,lots of genius fled).today , colleges need good result to bring you in,however,some ,to make it there you will just have to pay them the fucking money. As a result, this brings a concept to us that we have to get good results, so we can further our study and become what we want to be, to get what we want, so our ambitious is depends on your results and the effort that you put on that few days.So, all you have to do is just do well on that big days and you are through.
But, for god sakes, I have to say that the function of the exam and this traditional concept of education system just doesn’t work. Exam doesn’t prove anything, it can only proves how smart are you on that big day and your tricky preparation before the exam, but it’ll never prove how clever your mind is. Our capacity of brain is actually the same but something has limited the development of our mind since long time ago that is our old aged fucking shit education system.Furthermore, knowledge has become a tool to make a living.
Logically, we do not need school, school should out forever. I know people go to school to make friends and sitting for the exam, but school is like a cage! A tool of restraint! there are lots of great stuffs out there waiting for us to learn ,interesting people for us to meet, so why are we still going to school---to follow the path and string of life that formed by the government?fuck it. it’s just a waste of time staying in school since what we learn in school can also learn ourselves, like the typical,simply and,and the little website with tons of amazing knowledge and, but we lack of motivation to educate ourselves!
Right here I am, I can only speak out my opinion about all this, but I can do nothing about it. An education system doesn’t think the way we think about it, it doesn’t care whether we suited with it, so in the end, as the subordinate of nation, we have to be obedient.REMEMBER, THE CHILDREN TODAY ARE INNOCENT!

Monday, September 05, 2005

the collage of spinning a pen!