Saturday, November 12, 2005


Yesterday, when I walked to toilet for some pissing after lying on a couch reading tech magazine, that time was really a boring day and I was hungrily looking for some fun.So,on the way to the toilet,’luckily’, I saw a young lizard cling firmly on my house’s ceiling, where was just above my dining table.So,I thought that it’s gonna be a real fun, how lucky I was.slowly,I moved to grab a packet of HIGH 5’s bread, then sniped to the lizard and threw it hard toward the lizard. The lizard lost its sticky trick, then falls down and creeps into beside my mom’s shoe which was also beside wall. I chased for it, I know it was still there, and I knew it must be thought that it was completely safe there, and laughing at me how stupid I am, while praying for god’s bless.Well, my deed was not over yet! I kicked another shoe toward the shoe where it was hiding with a great impact, I guessed a couple of times, I gotta be crazy, right? Nevertheless, there’s no movement or reacts from the lizard at all! So, I moved the shoe away and I found that it had become a dead meat! With an “unfair” way, I guess. Its body spread apart, blood oozing out, I could see its inner organ,hmm…what a art….Before I threw it along with DELL promotional paper from my balcony, I knew I shouldn’t miss this, so I took picture of the dead body creature. After that, it’s a peeing time ^^.OH NO! Now only I realize that I have committed a sin, an offence to lizard family, could I say sorry to the lizard now? God forgives me….anyway did I have the intention to kill it before that, seriously….

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The 6.10.05 Photography Deception

Today, I present for you all only two black and white photographs,frankly,I hardly find my inspiration and'luck’ in photographing recently,anyway,that’s normal right? And lately, I am sticking around with computer engineering, interesting. Both of the photographs were taken in my school laboratory. The first one was taken at the ground floor lab sink, thanks to the SEAN’s hands^^.The second one was taken at the first floor lab which was unoccupied that time, the teacher was just behind the lab,though,but I still managed to complete my task. God bless me, haha.Do you ever wonder why I named this post title as 6.10.05? YEAH!!!!!!Cuz TODAY is my BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YEE WEI..,HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE….,YEAH !!!WHOO!!!!!YAHOO!!!!! OKAY, STOP IT, that was stupid. Today, I have turned into a 17-year-old lad.Traditionally, I would like to say thank you and sorry to everyone, and I pay my respect to all of you either in this blog or outside-blog now and to the mankind history. Please appreciate what you are getting now, good time rolls…..*sigh* .*What a nostalgia post*….YEAH,now let’s celebrate the first birthday post in!If you’d like to convey your best wishes to me,please do in your comment, that’s very sweet of you, I really appreciate that. Thank you so much for everything, see ya out there on the road……