Monday, December 19, 2005

The Consciousness in Land Of Exile

On 16th November, around 5 p.m, again I used my only precious transport –bicycle, traveled freely to places. This time I stopped by land of exile they called it, but I much prefer to call it the defined destination and also the contrast of rich and poor will they called it,but i still much into the anathema of metaphysic.Last time, I used to bypass this gifted land, I would observe the human-being’s activities on it. Most of them are Indian and was a satisfactory community left to survive. They got no way to go, due to disputed causes, except set up a illegal sweet home under the electric tower, whilst everyday worried about their settlement, what a life they had there,wondering,I mean them and us as a benchmark.
No matter what, the clock is still ticking….one day the bulldozers were moving in the land and within hours and moving out, left behind the debris and rubble from the houses. The decade-year-old heritages were gone just like that, human-made demolishing machines have done they purposed job pretty darn well, I guess…
Government is too focusing on economic development. They have built so many shopping complexes of
personally profiteers who are on their own for these country’s workers to spend their weekend and work on weekdays,this is a happy thing happens to the rich,while it is also unhealthy for the poor.These people are going to die and gotta die for the government and slowly walking blindly toward their soon-to-be instant gratification living. This is really a weird intuitive scene….Besides,the existence of this illegal heritage will make urban area more colorful and humble, don’t you think so? For those who refused to budge from their homes, they were given money by government; we all know, smoothly, here comes the pretty deal, good act….. Government will push us into their snake-oil standard,this is really a terrifying persuasive guessing at the core of leadership by far.
I walked amidst debris, while trying to make a photograph.Whereas I could see all the things were suffering in silence and had a story of its own….Here comes a wise old man. He was wondering with me together in silence. It may look like abnormal behavior but because it’s photography works, it’s form of mental and physical behavior. He sat behind under a shade, oppressed.His existence made me uncomfortable with my photographing, but photographer can’t afford to be polite! Then, he stood up and walked toward the debris searching for something useable. Then,i started to make myself more subjective with a little objective to finish my mission.

Is it true that you have to pay for everything you did, whether or not the deed is bad or good? Because I got chased by two lunatic stray dogs on the way back home,yeah big laugh…and when I was cycling furiously, I heard two kids said: ‘Wow,brother,you see, got people are being chased by dog ah.’in Chinese, that was embarrassing,damn…That was a narrow escape,indeed, and luckily I didn’t bang by cars. Thank you,my creed.


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