Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Silly Implementation

If you are from a broken home, you are gifted and should explore it to peak, you should feel lucky, and I am proud and jealous of you. People like Kurt Cobain, Kevin Mitnick, Jonathan Davis, Zack de la Rocha, and James Arthur Baldwin, the profound impacts to their life since young made them strong and gave them the tendency to search for the truth and fix it. People like us hardly have the revolutionary act, we live well in happy family, and this makes us thinking that everything is going just fine. I admit that I live well, just like you. I realized that I can’t learn anything if I don’t do something about it.So, one day, I have implemented,actually accidentally implemented a characteristic diversion between Good and Bad/Sad and Happy/Negative and Positive/Calm and ADHD and others opposite characteristic. That is why people see me different from time to time. (No worry. I am still harmless^^).So, from the reversion of characteristic, I have found that it works, it did! I started to have a constructive brain and perspective, the meeting of aspiration rolls into my mind. AWESOME…I have always tried to imitate other people. It’s important to imitate. You have to imitate in order to find out how they have been through in their life. A lot of people are not plagiarising, they are trying to find method through experience.
WoW!..Looks like I have created a new kind of art, man…erm...let’s give it a name…okay I got it, let it be called: THE ART OF CHARACTERISTIC REVERSION. I was wondering if one day someone would write a book about that,that is gonna be a bloody miracle for my whole life.
You need skill and practice to implement this method, but if you feel lost, unhappy and confuse with it, stop doing that!! This method is useful when you find out that one’s characteristic doesn’t suit you,but you are eagerly to get along with he/she.In this way,it does like life is like an act of feigning,so here comes the quote-Life is like a Dream,haha. Most importantly, you are not forcing yourself to pretend that you are into that method. You must feel relief and happy when you convert yourself from ‘abnormal’ to ‘normal’ again.That is the beauty of this method.Today is thursday,dec,22,2005,i am not doing this method anymore,[or maybe i didn't realize] i started implementing the coventional method,no doubt,that is-learning by reading.yeah,right....however,you can try THE ART OF CHARACTERISTIC REVERSION,and see what are the effects,it helps me a lot for 3 years.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.HAVE A NICE DAY,AND SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.


Anonymous 7one said...

I wonder how i got an e-mail about your site. Merry christmas anyway.

Thu Dec 22, 06:35:00 PM 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you are the one that is gifted. you have a beautiful site here. i don't think its so strange, the idea that if you're acting in a way that's not making you happy, you should try something else...imitation, human-beings most natural form of learning. we do it from infancy. and like a lot of other things, we forget some of the best stuff when we're adults.

Sat Jan 07, 10:53:00 AM 2006  
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