Monday, January 23, 2006

Truth & Reality

"i would preffer less detail in the foreground, this way the subject will stand out better. Otherwise i like it".
"very nice, i especially like the green hue and blown out highlights at the end of the tunnel, have you considered a crop that would move the end of the tunnel over to the right or left1/3?" critiques from

"Love tones, lines and composition."-
Maxime Boisvert

'Damn Good' Quotes

"My camera has helped to give me insight to truth. It has helped me to understand that change is wonderful and beneficial." -Anonymous

"I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them. "-Diane Arbus

"Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs-"ansel adam

"A picture is worth a thousand words" -Demented Thoughts'

Critiques Appreciated,thank you.^^

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Too Much Technology?

With computers having firmly entrenched themselves in our professional lives, do you think that they have actually made work simpler? Or reduced paper wastage? Or lessened work hours? Basically, is all this technology that is making the world a 'global village' a good thing or is it leading to deteriorating health and the 'mechanisation' of humanity?

And this is what the folks say:

"I think it's socially isolating and politically polarizing. Instead of interacting with people in person, more and more people are inclined to just go into a chat room or a message board or send an email. "

"Actually,I think it is making us downhill with all this technology which decrease our responsibility."

"Mankind has lived for thousands of years without these things, and now that the internet and wireless have come up everywhere people act like they can't live without them."

"its not really too much technology per say. its just that we are getting lazier haha. someday ipods will take over the world, then cell phones will take over those, then laptops will eat both then enslave humans "

"too much reliance on technology...people have lost their ability to unplug."

"Many people are too reliant upon technology and are becoming lazy. For example, in math class, many people are almost dependent updon their calculators and are unable to do even simple multiplication and other math problems. "

"When I finally got a cell phone,I started using it all the time. Now I look back and wonder how I survived without it. "

"The computer, more than anything else, has helped man emerge from the slavery of the machine age. "

"Hmm, hmmmm, hmm, no, hmmm, hmm, well, hmm, yes."

"We need more in the way of technology that will end poverty, etc."

"At times, yes."

"On one level the universe can be thought of as composed of naturally ocurring technology. The pertinent question is if there are too many humans with too much control over technology - too this I answer yes."

"hmm.. if you are talking about ipods, then YES."

And i would say- "Everything has to be faster and faster.We're not making new products.We're just reinventing things to give us instant gratification.Besides,at times,it is just all about a trade between the corporation and the bourgeois while it is kind of 'unhealthy'for the unaffordable who keep on admiring the trend of technology ! "

Now,this is the time for you to tell what you think about this topic-Too Much Technology?

Thank you.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Three Shots From The New Noise

Yesterday,i cycled to the old place again,i mean the Land Of Exile,to check out what eveything is up to there .This time is much different to my previous visit,because i found 3 homo sapiens doing something up there,haha.2 of them are actually unemployed and another one is working on a bulldozer clearing up the 'shit'.I chatted with the unemployed one(pix),of course.They were literally collecting pieces of metal to sell to the black market.Six metallic rods could sell about 10 bucks.Who knows the buyer is the fucking,freaking abusing human rights then they might not get the money they deserved.This is the cruelty and effects from modernism and capitalism !! You know,they are such a nice guy,you gotta mix with them then i bet you will agree with me.But those people who are living in blissful ignorance seem to be biased at them ! After i shot down the pictures of this guy,i asked him to take a look at them,but he rejected my little offer! The reason is he has no time for that because it's getting dark,then it would be hard for him to collect the metallic.I was sad but i was proud of his never-ending spirit to survive in this crazy society with the world gone mad.Good luck buddy...........
And again, i got chased by a lunatic dog on the way back home! i couldn't believe it,the dog looks so cute but its mind is crazy........! Please leave your feedback and let's discuss this phenomenon!