Saturday, April 22, 2006

Human Laws Are Invalid

Human Laws Are Invalid,Because They Are Contrary To Laws Of Nature ?

" A natural law is that factor in man which asserts itself freely and spontaneously without any external force, in harmony with the requirements of nature. For instance, the demand for nutrition, for sex gratification, for light, air, and exercise, is a natural law. But its expression needs not the machinery of government, needs not the club, the gun, the handcuff, or the prison. To obey such laws, if we may call it obedience, requires only spontaneity and free opportunity. That governments do not maintain themselves through such harmonious factors is proven by the terrible array of violence, force, and coercion all governments use in order to live. Thus Blackstone is right when he says, "Human laws are invalid, because they are contrary to the laws of nature."


Anonymous Jeff Lindell said...

Interesting thought. I guess I see it differently. For example, it is true that the expression of sex as a natural does not necessarily need government, the club, or the handcuff. It is also true in a sense that human law restricts the free opportunity of the expression of sex. However, this does not mean that human law must then be invalid, because human law can and should serve the purpose of protecting other natural laws. If the expression of sex is considered a natural law that ought to be obeyed, then I would logically conclude when I see an attractive woman and desire to have sex with her that I must obey this natural law within and be given free opportunity to do so. The problem is that such an idea fails to acknowledge another natural "law," which would be that invdividual's right to choose if she would like to engage in sex with me. In other words she must also have the free opportunity to obey her desire not have sex with me. Therefore, "Natural law," as you would call it, is at conflict with itself. It is for this reason that government is necessary. Its purpose is to bring the "natural laws" into harmony. The problem between government and those governed arises when those who come to power in government choose not to hold the "natural laws" in check, but rather choose to obey only those "natural laws" that appear to benefit themselves. Only then has human law become "contrary to the laws of nature."

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