Monday, May 01, 2006

How To Disable Microsofts New Anti-Piracy Program (UPDATE)

Ok,since I am living in Malaysia,hence I am facing this 'Microsoft's Bug' this morning when I on my computer.

However,I still couldn't get rid of this 'Bug' after following this method.(source)

  • In explorer, go to Tools > Folder Options. Then, go to View > Advanced Settings and uncheck “Use simple file sharing”. Hit OK. Now, let’s change the permissions for WgaLogon:
  • In the Address bar, type (without quotes) “%WinDir%\system32″ and hit enter.
  • Scroll down to WgaLogon.dll, right click on it, pick Properties. Go to Security.
    Hit the Advanced button, uncheck the Inherit box at the bottom, hit the Copy button, then hit OK. Now we have a local copy of the ACL which we can modify.
  • Go through each listed user/group and remove the “Read & Execute” permission for that file, leaving the “Read” permission as-is.
  • Hit OK to apply the permission changes and close the file properties dialog. Restart the machine. You can now turn “Use simple file sharing” back on, if you want.


The bug is GONE ! After I did this :

  • Run Task Manager
  • Kill the WgaTray.exe Process
  • Go to System32 folder
  • Rename wgatray.exe and wgalogon.dll to something else
  • Restart

End of annoying messages

-Microsoft Is Not Evil.That Is anthropomorphization.-


Anonymous ShahZ said...

Nice tute dude..I'll blog about it with some graphics too..Supporting to your thread ;)

Tue May 16, 03:37:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks dude... u help me a lot!!! and u r so smart!!

Tue Sep 12, 10:37:00 PM 2006  

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