Friday, August 31, 2007

My Dear Malaysia - 1/12

Hai guys,I will start posting some 'letters' written by some thoughtful Malaysians.Actually,they wrote these articles as a comment in my old blogpost.They express their point of view about Malaysia and most of them have migrated to other country,Why?Read on to find out ! Enjoy ^^

Dear Malaysians,

In Malaysia we have the crony group. They continuously recommend new rules and regulations to be implemented and legalised by their front liners, a.k.a. the government, to squeeze the normal folk of their pennies. Surprised? I'm not.

The Public Services Department (PSD) and their scholarship awarding criteria is a yearly event. It is an annual drama during which the non-bumi students protest after which the government will intervene and award them PSD scholarships. Why couldn't these deserving students been given scholarships in the first place? That's a question never answered. The drama will be played out again next year. Same play, different players. And imagine the horror when it was revealed that of the 12000 Approved Permits (APs) that were awarded in 2003, one single deserving human being in our beloved country was given 6000.He must be an immensely blessed human being to be granted such a privilege. But hey, the government is not answerable to you or to anyone.

Our Barisan Nasional government is not concerned enough to come out and explain why such a privilege was granted to this one person in Malaysia. Never has, never needed to. And why do we now need to pay extra for a hologram label on our medicine? Who gets to make the contract to supply the hologram? Why do we keep paying a higher toll for the use of our highways? Where does all the money go? Why was the Penang Outer Ring Road project given to a company without a background in constructing highways? Along with the privilege to develop prime locations on Penang island? Why do we have to work harder for a smaller share of the pie? Why are the privileged ones getting away with criminal acts? Why are the ministers' children attending international schools instead of national schools?

Why? Because we live in Malaysia, and Malaysia Boleh.

From Kok.


Blogger CyberCelt said...

I guess government (or what passes for one) is the same the world over. I do not know what happened to public service. Politics running wild?

I enjoy your stories and pictures and have meant to comment before.

May the God of Your Choice Bless You!


Wed May 31, 03:34:00 PM 2006  
Blogger intiendes said...

i wish you have a tag board

Wed May 31, 06:47:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't we ask the goverment we choosed? Chinese should be asking what the hell is MCA doing and Indian should be asking what the hell is MIC doing? What the fuss? If you don't step out for yourself, who will? Instead, some of us just move away in the name of our children.

Live well, live happy.

Mon Jul 03, 11:03:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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