Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Dear Malaysia - 3/12

Dear Malaysians,

I left Malaysia in search of a better life where I am free to think and do as I please, where nobody tells me what to think and do. I am a free spirited individual.
I have relatives and friends who now live in the United States, UK, New Zealand, Holland, Canada, and Australia - and call these places home.
If I were in your position, with all the racial discrimination back home in terms of places in the country tertiary education institutions, scholarships etc, I would be happy to pack up my bags and leave like one have done - like I and others like me, have done though for different reasons.
Life is more than just having a good job - and is not to be measured in terms of dollars and cents alone. I am not prepared to live a lie and say that I am happy when I am not.
We are among the fortunate in that we are able to exercise our freedom of choice. Others do not know what they are missing.
Freedom of speech is very important and should be upheld by every single individual be it in Malaysia or abroad. The Malaysia public has not reached the stage of speaking out their views and minds at the moment, but we have to make drastic changes for the benefit of all regardless of race and religion.
I am left speechless that now after 48 years of independence, Malaysians are still talking about the Malays, Indians and Chinese race and calling each other names, and telling each other to leave Malaysia if they don't like it.
No matter what topic writes, the posting still leads back to us versus them, Malays versus Indians/Chinese, or vice versa. Please realise that not all malays share the views expressed and not all Indians/Chinese share the same views.
Maybe some have been disappointed or rejected are using this board to vent their anger and in doing so fan the fire or racial hatred. I really object when posters say the Malays, the Indians, the Chinese, etc. This is brushing the whole race with the same slur just because of the acts of a few.
I believe that the better 'educated' people are, the lesser bigot they are. Trust the professional malays (the ones who read widely). The ones you meet or hear about are perhaps 'trained' to be professionals and not 'educated' - they perhaps have not even touched a book from the day that they graduated.
So, perhaps you should not include them in the same category as what we have here at this forum. See, let's encourage them, the others, to get exposed to the 'elements' in the real global society and then perhaps they would turn around to create a better nation for Malaysians.
I believe the first thing that should be changed is the ridiculous race column in our forms. The day we stop filling up the form as Malay, Indian, or Chinese and etc……….we will be truly Malaysians.
Now you know the reason I left Malaysia. Every race has a place in Malaysia. No Malaysian should feel he/she is a second class citizen. Just because the NEP provides privileges to the malays does not make the malays first class citizens. Remember this is just a privilege, not a right.
The right is to vote, own land, make money, live a peaceful life, do business and buy properties. Nobody can take that away from the citizens.
When you talk about emigration, there is more to it than just economics - and affirmative action policies.
It is our choice - and we are happy for it.
We still have roots back in Malaysia. We are thankful that as a result of their discriminatory policies, we are leading happy and fruitful lives in countries like the United States - where we are free, and I mean free.

From Tim.


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