Friday, September 21, 2007

This Is The End

This would be my last post in Rage Against The System blog.I quit blogging.I must admit that I have lost the enthusiasm in blogging.Please do check out my previous posts,and Rage Against The System blog will not be ceased to exist.Thank you everyone,take care and see you on the other side or on the road .Good Bye.

update :Please visit my Photoblog instead !

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fuzz ( PicVid )

I called Fuzz as a Picture Video (PicVid).Many people don't understand what Im trying to show in this PicVid,ok,that is a video depicting- the Plight of US army,the Unjustified War,the Devilish of RIAA/MPAA or Media,the corporation,the uncertain state of Xers and civilian,the Superior domination over the Inferior ,the World gone Wild and the unrevealed Big Lies with River Of Deceit by Mad Season as the ending song ;-) And the rest of it I will leave you all to figure it out.Thank you.

Monday, September 17, 2007

roof reloaded

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Won In Creative Common Malaysia Competition

I won in the Art Category as a Special Mention with my photograph - Uncomfortable Relax. I received a trophy and a RM 1000 cash =) Watch that video and pay attention to my another 5 photographs chosen by the judges.Thank You.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pyjama Photographer

Yay... Finally, I have killed my strong urge to take flower photographs ! This early morning ,after I woke up,grabbed my camera,with my Pyjama on and a bunch of messy hair,totally a scruffy appearance but with a clear mind and consciousness went down to my condo compound and do my job as a pyjama photographer,LOL...... So,how do you like my first flower photograph? ^_^'

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Forgotten Recaptured

This kid follows his father who makes a living by selling newspapers to people in cars when they are stopping for traffic light,he walks to every car begging people to buy a newspaper while knocking the windscreen for our attention.That is how i came out with this photograph. ^^

"That the poor are invisible is one of the most important things about them. They are not simply neglected and forgotten as in the old rhetoric of reform; what is much worse, they are not seen."- Michael Harrington

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Roof Reloaded

Wise Old Man

This is my first portrait made in Singapore’s SMRT.This shot was my luck, and that time I knew I have to be ready for luck, so I saw this wise old man ,sitting alone, looking around innocently, being in a big contrast of old and young generation environment, it seems hard for him to be part of it.Ok,now I want to ask you allWhat do You See, Do You Realize Anything, What do you feel, what do you ‘listen’ when you look at this photograph and why or what is it exactly that makes this photograph looks to be in a sad tone?! Think about it for a moment and let’s discuss it!! Yeah…. ^^

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Recaptured : Struggling With The Devil

Monday, September 10, 2007

Photograph of Dead People

I got the inspiration to do this after reading the Newsweek’s article talking about DEAD PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPHY.I am so fascinated of after people die, how they will look like. DEATH is inevitable, but after people die and lay there, everything seems to be so natural, so obvious that there is no secret left behind, with the pure contrast. The following photography took place in my class room. While my Teacher-I-Hate was doing his business at a corner ,then I also doing my stuff at the back, =) Thanks to my friend ,Hoong Sern,as my model ^^

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Won In Creative Common Malaysia Competition

I won in the Art Category as a Special Mention with my photograph - Uncomfortable Relax. I received a trophy and a RM 1000 cash =) Watch that video and pay attention to my another 5 photographs chosen by the judges.Thank You.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Above The Sink

That is a sink from my kitchen.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Dear Malaysia - 3/12

Dear Malaysians,

I left Malaysia in search of a better life where I am free to think and do as I please, where nobody tells me what to think and do. I am a free spirited individual.
I have relatives and friends who now live in the United States, UK, New Zealand, Holland, Canada, and Australia - and call these places home.
If I were in your position, with all the racial discrimination back home in terms of places in the country tertiary education institutions, scholarships etc, I would be happy to pack up my bags and leave like one have done - like I and others like me, have done though for different reasons.
Life is more than just having a good job - and is not to be measured in terms of dollars and cents alone. I am not prepared to live a lie and say that I am happy when I am not.
We are among the fortunate in that we are able to exercise our freedom of choice. Others do not know what they are missing.
Freedom of speech is very important and should be upheld by every single individual be it in Malaysia or abroad. The Malaysia public has not reached the stage of speaking out their views and minds at the moment, but we have to make drastic changes for the benefit of all regardless of race and religion.
I am left speechless that now after 48 years of independence, Malaysians are still talking about the Malays, Indians and Chinese race and calling each other names, and telling each other to leave Malaysia if they don't like it.
No matter what topic writes, the posting still leads back to us versus them, Malays versus Indians/Chinese, or vice versa. Please realise that not all malays share the views expressed and not all Indians/Chinese share the same views.
Maybe some have been disappointed or rejected are using this board to vent their anger and in doing so fan the fire or racial hatred. I really object when posters say the Malays, the Indians, the Chinese, etc. This is brushing the whole race with the same slur just because of the acts of a few.
I believe that the better 'educated' people are, the lesser bigot they are. Trust the professional malays (the ones who read widely). The ones you meet or hear about are perhaps 'trained' to be professionals and not 'educated' - they perhaps have not even touched a book from the day that they graduated.
So, perhaps you should not include them in the same category as what we have here at this forum. See, let's encourage them, the others, to get exposed to the 'elements' in the real global society and then perhaps they would turn around to create a better nation for Malaysians.
I believe the first thing that should be changed is the ridiculous race column in our forms. The day we stop filling up the form as Malay, Indian, or Chinese and etc……….we will be truly Malaysians.
Now you know the reason I left Malaysia. Every race has a place in Malaysia. No Malaysian should feel he/she is a second class citizen. Just because the NEP provides privileges to the malays does not make the malays first class citizens. Remember this is just a privilege, not a right.
The right is to vote, own land, make money, live a peaceful life, do business and buy properties. Nobody can take that away from the citizens.
When you talk about emigration, there is more to it than just economics - and affirmative action policies.
It is our choice - and we are happy for it.
We still have roots back in Malaysia. We are thankful that as a result of their discriminatory policies, we are leading happy and fruitful lives in countries like the United States - where we are free, and I mean free.

From Tim.

Monday, September 03, 2007

My Dear Malaysia - 2/12

Dear Malaysians,

People who are still staying in Malaysia were taken as fool by the government in many ways:
1) Social

2) Laws
3) Economics

Government also thinks Malaysia has provided the best of all for the Chinese immigrants from China. But it was not true, I regretted that my grandparents went to Penang and didn't take the ship to San Francisco. Well, they have no choice because as they only had go to East South Asia instead of San Francisco.
People who went to North America were other Chinese.
Vietnamese who left Vietnam in the 70s are better off now in North America. I think about my people in Malaysia and I am very sad.

Chinese Malaysians are not treated with respect by the malay-led government. I suggest Chinese demand for greater freedom and demand all the way.
Until government accepted and give in to your demand, and if they refused, all who are persecuted by the Malaysia laws can apply to be refugees in Canada.
Vietnamese refugees have received better treatment from Canada when I compared it to the treatment received by us - the Chinese in the malay-led country - A racist nation until today.
When you apply at any port-of-entry (airport/ boarder/seaport) to be refugee claimant, you are treated with respect.
Immigration will be processed. You will also receive monthly welfare money until you have established yourself or family.

I think this alternative provide an avenue for all Chinese who are stuck in Malaysia to demand full recognition from the malay. Chinese always hold back and too afraid to speak out. With this refugee system available in Canada, you should speak out and if the government played you out, you can come here.
Many people in the world are using this way to speak up and get better freedom back home. One very good example was 'Tienanmen' activists, they were granted refugee status not only Canada but also USA.

When you speak up for your own right, you stand to win. Regardless of which way you take - in Malaysia (political activist) or ended up in Canada as refugee.
Chinese in Malaysia, don't be a fence sitter.

From Vesewe.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Break The Illusion

Does The World Really Need Politicians?

Here is a blasphemous joke , which goes as follows: On the first day, God created the Universe. On the second day....etc....and, on the seventh day, God rested. And when God rested the politicians took over the world and screwed it up. Blasphemous? Maybe! But certainly a reflection of fact don’t you think so?